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About The Center

Our unique clinical setting will inspire and empower you!

Our Commitment to Community

We bring together a diverse network of healers to share the transformative experience of collective wisdom with you. As such we plan to utilize our “home” to act as a place for community to gather and learn.

Our Environment

We designed our clinic with home in mind, creating a safe and comfortable place for you to surrender more deeply into your healing process. Our clinic is founded on the philosophy of “intentional community” where we (you and our healers) share responsibility for achieving your health and healing goals.

Our Purpose

White Willow Road Healing Center is a bridge to the beauty of initiatory life stages and personal betterment in a modern world. Our work facilitates sacred ceremony and truely integrated body, mind and soul level healing in support of the those we serve. We seek to reframe the culture of personal accountability, reclaim the healing power of life changes, and reintroduce both as essential initiations into the depth of healing needed in our community at this time.




6715 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103